REMO Powerstroke 3 18" FA Batter - P3-1518-FA

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REMO POWERSTROKE P3 FIBERSKYN BASS DRUMHEAD, diameter: 18 ", thickness: single ply, color: white.

REMO POWERSTROKE P3 18" Fiberskyn Bass Drumhead - P3-1518-FA. The Powerstroke P3 Fiberskyn drumheads feature focused warm tone with enhanced low-frequency definition and controlled overtones. Constructed with a 1-ply 7,5-mil (diplomat) or a 10-mil (Ambassador) film laminated to a 3-mil polyspun fiber, with a 2-mil overtone-reducing inlay ring, powerstroke p3 fiberskyn drumheads are ideal for use as both resonant and batter bass drumheads. Available in bass drum sizes 18" to 28".

Manufacturer Remo