REMO 24" Powerstroke 3 Ebony Bass Drumhead - P3-1024-ES

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REMO POWERSTROKE P3 EBONY BASS DRUMHEAD, diameter: 24 ", thickness: single ply, color: black, 5" Black DynamO.

REMO POWERSTROKE P3 24" Ebony Bass Drumhead, 5" Black DynamO. - P3-1024-ES. The powerstroke p3 ebony 5" black dynamo features midrange and low end resonant tones with a pre-cut 5" hole with a dynamo reinforcement ring installed. Constructed with 1-ply 10-mil ebony film with a 10-mil inlay ring and a 5" black dynamo, the powerstroke p3 ebony drumhead provides a perfect balance of mid and low tones that has made powerstroke ebony of remo's most popular resonant bass drumheads. Available in sizes 18" to 26".

Manufacturer Remo