REMO 22" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass Drum Head, 2.5" Impact Patch - P3-1322-C2

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REMO POWERSTROKE P3 CLEAR BASS DRUMHEAD, diameter: 22 ", thickness: single ply, color: transparent.


REMO POWERSTROKE P3 22" Clear Bass Drumhead, 2.5" Impact Patch - P3-1322-C2. Constructed with 1 10-mil ply with a 3-mil ring and 5mm CLEAR DOT, the 'POWERSTROKE P3 CLEAR BASS DRUMHEAD CLEAR DOT (TOP) delivers a sound that perfectly blends the glossy response of a single drumhead with the durability of a double drumhead. Available from 10" to 18".

Manufacturer Remo