REMO 13" Powerstroke 4 Coated Batter Drum Head - P4-0113-BP

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REMO POWERSTROKE P4 COATED, diameter: 13 ", thickness: double-ply, color: white.


REMO POWERSTROKE P4 Coated 13" Batter - P4-0113-BP. The POWERSTROKE P4 coated drumheads feature controlled sustain and focused low-end tones with increased durability. Snare and tom drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil coated film with a 3-mil inlay ring and bass drumheads are constructed with a 7,5-mil inlay ring. POWERSTROKE P4 coated drumheads provide focused midrange tones making them the warmest-sounding of remo's 2-ply drumheads with controlled sustain and attack. Available in sizes 8" to 28".

Manufacturer Remo