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Drum Bazar now offers professional and quick repair services for drums, percussion instruments, guitars and amplifiers. Most repair work is done directly in house, however we are also associated with a professional luthier for more complex guitar work, and with a professional technician for amplifiers and electronic equipements. Costs are $60 per hour for instruments and $70 per hour for electronic, excluding parts.

A complete guitar tune-up cost 59.99 + tx. This tune-up include:

  • Truss-rod
  • Intonation
  • Action
  • Fretboard oiling
  • Cleaning
  • Other necessary adjustments

For more details please call 514-276-3786 or email info@drumbazar.qc.ca.

Here is a short list of the kind of repairs we frequently perform.


  • Original String installation or restringing
  • Complete tune-ups
  • Fret equalization
  • Installation or replacement of nuts
  • Installation or replacement of pickups
  • Installation of a tremolo bar or bigsby
  • Modifications to electronic components
  • Lubrication and hydration



  • Repairs and tune-ups
  • Head replacements
  • And most any other work you may need!



  • Tube changing
  • Bias adjustment
  • Most repairs


Violin, cello, bass, mandolin and banjo

  • Crack, Broken neck, Lifted bridge
  • Loose bracings
  • Modifications